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Castello 3412, 30122 Venezia

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The Hellenic Institute for Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies in Venice and the Mount Athos Art Archive of the Monastery of Simonopetra in Mount Athos are inaugurating, Saturday May 11th an exhibition bearing the title “From Venice to Athos. The Travel of Paper Icons”, presenting engravings from the Mount Athos Art Archive of the Monastery of Simonopetra.

A total of 55 engravings from the last quarter of the 18th until the end of the 19th century are travelling to Hellenic Institute for Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies in Venice. The city of Venice welcomes for the first time a precious and historically significant paper icons collection in order to enlighten our knowledge towards this fascinating art technique and discover the religious print -making on a larger scale.

The majority of the collection belongs to the art collections of the Athonite Monastery of Simonopetra. It is interesting that the paper engravings travelled outside the Mountain to complete their purpose, to bring back to the Holy Mountain the Orthodox world and put the monastery into the everyday life of people living miles away.

The main content of the Athonite engravings is, with some exceptions, religious, depicting the Holy Mountain, its monasteries and sketes, Christ, Our Lady, Archangels and Saints.

So the the arrangement is of two units: a) Landscape and Monuments; b) Icons. Its is particularly interesting that the monasteries are not depicted as an independent subject, as the engravers are not interested in their architectural aspect. They are rather interested in the prayer, the simplicity, the spontaneity and the folk-style of the Post-Byzantine paper icons.

Furthermore, due to the deterioration of the copper plates, because of their use over time, there had been a renovation by a craftsman, who was often not the original creator of the work. In the exhibition we will see how this renovation journey led to stylistic changes to the engravings.

A catalogue accompanies the exhibition, providing historical information regarding the Landscapes, the Monument and the Icons, as well as the Path of the Athonite Engraving.

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The Hellenic Institute of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies in Venice is Greece’s only research centre outside Greece itself.

The Institute was founded in 1951, following a cultural agreement between Italy and Greece signed in 1948. In 1953 the Greek state donated to it the moveable and immoveable property of the historic Greek Orthodox Confraternity in Venice. The Confraternity had ceded this property to the Greek state, on condition that the state would guarantee its material support.

From Venice to athos


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